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Fire Glass

Providing fully certified and tested fire resistant glazing for your project.

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We provide high performance fire rated glass. The fire glass can be integrated into your property in order to protect and prevent against the spread of fire.

The fire glass is composed of multi-layered laminated clear glass, which is proven to provide full insulation and resistance. We can cut fire glass to any size and specification and it is available in various thicknesses and compositions, ideal for both internal and external uses.

We work with you to create a bespoke fire resistant glazing solution for your project, in South Lincolnshire, Rutland, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire and surrounding areas.

Fire Glass

Product features

  • Fully certified and tested fire rated glass
  • Tested with a variety of frames and systems
  • Clear, unobstructed glass
  • Available in variety of options
  • Can be installed for internal and external use
  • Provides integrity and insulated for up to 180 minutes

Our fire glass meets building regulations and health & safety requirements in order to prevent against the spread of fire within a property. The glass has been proven to provide integrity and insulation for up to 180 minutes, restricting the spread of flames, smoke and hot gases.

The fire glass is compatible with aluminium, timber and steel frames and can be designed for internal and exterior use for windows, doors, internal glass partitions, screens, walls and facades.

When it comes to installing fire glass, our installation team are specially trained and fully certified, and our technical team have all the expertise to advise you on the correct fire glazing for your property and project.

How it works

Our fire glass from Pilkington works by providing prevention against the spread of fire within your property.

When the glass is exposed to a fire, the pane that is closest to the flames fractures but remains in place, and the interlayer reacts to the fire and foams up to form a thick, resilient and tough insulating shield, which absorbs the energy from the blaze. This process can take place from temperatures around 120°C to provide protection against fires even in the earliest stages.


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