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New Safeguard Peterborough showroom and trade counter

Posted by Balls2Marketing on 01/06/2021

We have moved! We’re sad to have left our Stamford home after 26 years, but we’re even more excited to welcome you to our brand new showroom, just down the road in Peterborough. You’ll find us at Papyrus Road, PE4 5BH where our team will be on hand to help you out with any of…

What to look for in a new front door

Posted by Balls2Marketing on 24/05/2021

Your front door is the first thing guests see when they visit your home, which gives you all the more reason to choose the perfect one, reflecting your personal taste and complementing the overall style of your property. Looks aside, there are lots of other things you need to consider when choosing a new front…

Custom Splash Backs

Posted by Balls2Marketing on 27/04/2021

Custom glass splash backs are a stunning way to give your kitchen or bathroom the perfect finishing touch. We manufacture and install glass splash backs for your property throughout South Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and surrounding areas, creating a bespoke product that is unique to every project we work on. We can a supply your custom…

How to get rid of condensation in a conservatory

Posted by admin on 05/12/2020

When it’s cold outside and you have the heating on, you probably notice condensation in your conservatory and on the windows. While condensation from the outside isn’t something you need to worry about, the internal condensation indicates that you have poor ventilation, cold spots and inefficient heating. However, it’s just the result of everyday life,…

What is the best type of roof for a conservatory?

Posted by admin on 13/11/2020

Transform light and space in your home by implementing a conservatory. SafeGuard offer both solid roof conservatories and roof replacements, so whether you’re upgrading your current conservatory or starting from scratch, we can give you the best option for your home so that you can make the most of your extra space without having to…

Top 5 Benefits of Conservatories

Posted by admin on 20/10/2020

There are so many benefits to installing a conservatory on your home. They offer you and your family precious extra living space, so can get the room you need without relocating. Since the beginning of lockdown, we’ve helped many homeowners in Stamford and Peterborough add an extra room to their home with a conservatory or…

Choosing the Right Windows for your Project

Posted by admin on 12/10/2020

Different types of windows create different aesthetics, performance and functionality for your home. The beauty of window design is that you don’t have to choose new replacement windows in the same style or material that you already have in your home. Lots of homeowners in Newark, Kings Lynn and Rutland are choosing to upgrade their…

What type of door should I have in my home?

Posted by admin on 12/10/2020

  To some, doors may just be a way to get in and out of a property, but at Safeguard, we think a little bit differently. There are so many types of door available if you are thinking of upgrading your home, and we offer a full range of designs to create a bespoke entrance…

Replacing conservatory roofs with solid roofs

Posted by admin on 13/08/2020

Replacing a conservatory roof is a great way to transform your existing conservatory to make it a comfortable room for all the family to enjoy. Many homes in Stamford, Peterborough and Corby have conservatories that are lying unloved and unused. They have given the property much-needed extra space, but the old polycarbonate and traditional glazed…

Top 7 Things to Consider When Replacing Double Glazing in your Home 

Posted by admin on 22/06/2020

Replacing windows can make a huge difference to your property. You can make your home warmer, more secure, add style or completely change the look of your property. Say goodbye to ‘like-for-like’ white window options and hello to the Safeguard range of beautiful windows.  There are a whole variety of choices in window design, so you can choose…

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